What is 2ASPIRE?

A security solution for mobile developers, to help them in protecting their incomes from cyber criminals

AndroidStudio plugin

Our product integrates itself with the most common development environment for Android

Full protection

2ASPIRE offers full protection to ads that appear in mobile apps. Protect your ads to avoid hackers steal your incomes

No fixed cost

We don't ask for subscriptions or entry costs, we demand payment only for those ads that we are able to protect

Zero effort

Zero effort, zero pain, and full gain in adopting our product in your software development process

Our Story

The origins

2ASPIRE comes from an idea elaborated by the team while working on a research project in the Software Engineering unit at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK). FBK is not only a widely known research center located in Trento, Italy, but also a stimulating place to make brilliant intuitions become first ideas and then solutions.

The ASPIRE project

2ASPIRE was born with the intention of exploiting the awesome results of ASPIRE, a research project of 3 years (2013-2016) funded by the European Union. The project was a success, putting together European excellences from academia and industry to bring mobile software protections to the next new level. In concrete, ASPIRE involved FBK, and the Software Engineering research unit, with the objective of elaborating and integrating novel and strong protection approaches to defend smartphone apps against tampering attacks.

Software engineering

Team 2ASPIRE has long experience in software protection. We worked for several years in FBK as researchers in Software Engineering and Security. Our technical experience and international research merit have been acknowledged not only by peer-reviewed research papers, but also by the ASPIRE research grant. European Union awarded us this very competitive grant under the FP7 work program.

Our experience

We also validated the novel protection approaches we developed during the project, with the help of industrial hackers. As a result of these activities, we acquired valuable and sensitive information about how hackers analyze and attack apps in realistic contexts. So, we are well prepared on how to automate our protection tool to effectively protect ads in an optimal way.

Former partners

Where 2ASPIRE was born

University of East London
University of Ghent

Meet our Team

Andrea Avancini - CEO

Andrea worked in the ASPIRE project team. In particular, he contributed to the definition and he was responsible for the implementation of client-server code splitting protection. Previously, he worked on an industrial project in the program transformation field. He obtained the PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento with a thesis related to the security of websites and smartphone apps. He obtained the master degree in Computer Science from the same University with a thesis on automatic transformation of industrial code

Mariano Ceccato - Scientific tutor & CTO

Mariano is a tenured researcher in Fondazione Bruno Kessler, with more than 13 years of experience in the Software Engineering research unit. His expertise includes not only the software development lifecycle (with particular attention to software maintenance and software testing) but also software security, automatic program transformation and code protection. In particular, he was Principal Investigator and Work Package leader in the ASPIRE research project. He obtained the PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento and the master degree in Software Engineering from University of Padova.