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2ASPIRE is an innovative cybersecurity startup based in Italy. We offer mobile protection solutions to our customers

Smartphone apps are more and more subject to piracy. Apps behavior is changed by attackers, who then re-distribute and share them through unofficial channels.
App tampering and app repackaging are particularly serious, because they breaks apps’ business model.
By leveraging our experience in software security and software engineering, we build mobile app security solutions for a secure world.

App threat:

App threat:

App threat:
financial frauds

App threat:

Protection Solutions

AppCutter implements novel mobile application protections to protect and monitor Android apps. App execution can also be blocked when attacks are spotted.


2ASPIRE has a strong connection with research. This guarantees that our security solutions are always fresh.

Qualified staff

Our team has a strong experience in software engineering, software testing and security. Furthermore, our technicians master several programming languages and the state-of-the-art frameworks in web development.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.”

― Stephane Nappo

our product


Automatically protects Android mobile apps against hacking and tampering

Monitors mobile products to verify their security properties at runtime, to identify suspicious apps and attacks.

Displays in a dashboard security analytics such as app security statuses, integrity and authenticity checks, code changes.

Integrates easily in the Android build process. Developers just need to select parts of their app to protect, and proceed with their builds.

Code protection

AppCutter protects mobile apps by hardening the source code. Security protections are applied transparently at build time.

Security analytics

Protected apps and products are monitored in real time. Security data are displayed in a security dashboard customizable on customer security requirements and needs.

Identification of hacked apps

Any violation of the security properties and any hacked instance of an app are reported in real time. Security bulletins are automatically generated any time a security issue is identified.

Remote blocking

Hacked instances of apps can be blocked remotely. Disconnected apps stop functioning, thus forcing the end user to avoid illegitimate apps.


AppCutter is fully compatible with most of the build tools IDEs (Android Studio, Eclipse, Maven, Gradle).

Security annotations

App code can be annotated by means of code annotations to easily control what parts of the app to protect.

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Who is 2ASPIRE

Our team

Andrea Avancini

Founder & CEO
PhD in Computer Science

Mariano Ceccato

Founder & CTO
PhD in Computer Science

Andrea Nasato

Senior developer
MSc in Computer Engineering

Marco Rinaldi

Senior developer
BSc in Computer Science

Our collaborators

Andrea Giarrusso

Master student in
Computer Science

Stefano Berlato

Master student in
Computer Science

Marta Franzoni

Business developer
Master student in
Innovation Management

Matteo Favilli

Business developer
Master student in
Innovation Management
Proudly supports us

Our supporters

HUB Innovazione Trentino

HUB Innovazione Trentino is a consortium and non-lucrative company that promotes the results of research and innovation in the Trentino system in order to support the development of the local economy.
2ASPIRE is one of the startups that is accelerated by HIT in Trento, Piazza Manci 17.


TIM WCAP is the open innovation hub of TIM. and works to accelerate digital transformation by selecting ideas, projects, products and services outside TIM boundaries. Selected digital solutions are supported in their development to possibly integrate them in the products and technology of TIM.
2ASPIRE is accelerated by TIM WCAP in Milan, Via Magolfa 8.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) is one of the top research center in Italy, ranked at the 1st place for scientific excellence within 3 different subject areas (ICT, History and Sociology) for the period 2010-2014. FBK is a research non-profit public interest entity.
2ASPIRE is one of the official FBK spin-offs.

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