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We do automatic monitoring and anti-tampering protection of smartphone apps

AppCutter automatically protects security assets in mobile apps, via integrity checks and code dislocation (automatic code splitting and relocation).
The tool comes with a web dashboard where app owners can register their apps to monitor integrity, the execution of the dislocated code and other metrics.
From the dashboard, users can also block the execution of suspicious clients.
AppCutter comes with an AndroidStudio plugin, to allow developers and owners select the specific sensitive assets they want to protect.

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At Your Service

Asset protection

Integrity checks, code dislocation, ads preservation.

IDE integration

Integrate AppCutter with your preferred IDE.

Code annotation

Annotate your app code to easily control what asset to protect.

Full automation

Protection is applied on annotated assets with few clicks.

Control via dashboard

Check security metrics, app integrity, and dislocated code execution in real time.

Block execution

Stop the execution of malicious apps from the dashboard.

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